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Boooo! The weekend is over ! Today ( Sunday ) was a nice day. Hannah and I just relaxed this up a little late, 9am. So that was nice. I spent some time trying to get the computer connected to the wi-fi, took an hour actually and then they couldnt help me and the guy who was helping me said he had to go on his lunch break and he would call me back in 20 mins. I ended up fixing it myself, but now I think about it...he never even called back. Not very good service.

I then made Hannah's Flounder costume for her Dancing concert this week. Been racking my brains for the past two weeks on how to make Flounder. Gosh ! So hard. I will post the finished product on the weekned. I think it will look good. The concert this year is Broadway. So we are doing all different items which were Broadway hits. Hannah is in The Little Mermaind, Footloose and School of Rock. Looking forward to seeing it on the Saturday :)

After that I just caught up on some TV shows and Hannah facetimed Tahnee her friend from school. I then started to get her ready for the Youth group final meet up for the year. Its a Op Shop Ball. So you have to wear an outfit from the Op Shop, or Thrift store some call it. Hannah got a gorgeous navy blue dress and some super high shoes ! She looked lovely. I did her make-up and curled her hair. She had a great time. Church for me was good too. Tristan only came at the end cause he was at work but he was on close so he had to come to lock up. Music was really good at Church tonight, enjoyed it heaps. Love this song !

Then when we got home we all watched Arther Christmas on Netflix. Good movie, I really liked it. Hannah's seen it a few times, I hadnt watched it yet. Was really funny, loved all the quick jokes that adults will get :) I had an awful sleep last night, so restless and hot. So I am really tired, and its 11.07pm so I'll go off to bed and read the news and what
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Hey all

Wow , I started up the old computer tonight, I reckon its been at least 3 - 4 years since I turned it on. I was sitting watching mindless boring Real Housewives of Orange County and I thought ....I miss making my graphics. The hours I used to spend making them. I know people don't care for them anymore but the relaxation they gave me was awesome. I felt like I was actually quite talented , whether other people thought I was, lol who knows?

So schools finished for the year, and Hannah isn't due back until February now. Such a long break. It becomes rather stressful trying to worry about her and work at the same time. Come February I always feel like I've done nothing for 8 weeks. I have to cover a few days at a bank branch, but I will try and stay at home most days and work. There wont be dancing after next week as Saturday is the end of year concert and then I don't know whats happening over January this year as the Workshop dance teachers are adjudicating and also have a big competition at their school in Ohio so I don't know if they are coming out to us to do a Workshop this January, like normal. In all honesty I don't care, it will save me $500 if they don't. I would love to go to Ohio for their new big Competition they are holding, would be awesome for Hannah to get a great start to the year. But there is no way we can, money wise and also I don't have holidays booked either. We were planning to go to Scotland in March for the Worlds Competition , but that not happening now either. I don't think it would be beneficial for her to go at this stage, she is not good enough for the World stage. She is State Champion and top 25 in Australia, but not World quality. But that is okay :) Maybe one day.

Loving this weekend as Tristan is a work and Hannah and I can relax. Life is pretty stressful in terms of our family life. Pretty much a constant argument with Tristan and I most days and its mainly because of Hannah. He is so hard on her, he fights with her constantly and then I am stuck in the middle of it. Then it turns into him and I fighting. I just wish life was easier. We have tried counselling for the past year, hasn't don't much. Hannah's attitude is getting worse as she gets older...shes even starting the attitude with me also which she never used to. I know shes 13 in May and it comes as they because young adults, but its wearing thin quickly.

I do have the week of Christmas off work, I took the three days from Boxing day as Annual leave to have a break. Work is very full on , all the time. I work pretty much every night and all day. I'm trying to do more in my days to try and cut out the night work. Now school is off hopefully that will be easier as I don't have to drop off and pick up, which gives me an extra hour a day.

I really miss all my LJ friends...feel so disconnected with your idea whats been going on for you all. Specially when some of us used to be so close ! I do have some of you on instagram, but that's just photos .....

Right so I might try and find some active graphic communities around and make some graphics, let me know if you know of any :)

bye for now xx
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Today we all had the day off and of course it's still School Holidays. So we went up North of the River to Hillary's boat harbor. Huge big place range, has a beach which has jetties in it, a big floating shopping and restaurants, water park, mini golf, trampolines, rides and so on. It's lovely! We go there often. It's about 45 mins drive away,not to bad.


Stopped off at this little clothes boutique that sells this awesome Nail Polish. yay! Then headed to Hillary's.  We had Australia's Finest Burgers for lunch. Was yummy! They have a $10 lunch deal of a gourmet style Burger in chicken, beef or vegie with chips and bottle of bear. Bargain or what?? So that was yummy!!!!


After lunch we went for a wander at the shops and around water park and beach. We then had dessert at San Churro the Spanish donut,  mmmmm yum! We left after that and rolled out to the car haha. On the way home we went to Bunnings because Tristan bought an edger with his gift cards the other day and didn't realize you had to buy the battery and charger separately,  $150 later!


We are looking for a Cubby house for Hannah as her Trampoline died yesterday  :( Man they are expensive! Might have to be her Birthday present I think. We check a few places after that for cubbby houses and didn't find much else.


Now I'm home and Hannah out playing across the road and I'm trying to forget I have to cook dinner. Not even hungry after lunch and stuff!  I will leave you with some pics!!!


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Dum da dum dum .......

I'm doing a friends cut ! I have 60 people on my list and maybe 20 actually updated in the last 3 months. I have no problem at all re-adding you, just let me know :) I know some of us have been friends for a long time, but you havent been around in months and months and  years some of you :)  Also if you can suggest anyone who is still into lj and would like new friends, let me know xxx

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Today was such a strange day ! Had a real surprise when I went into work, a party had been organized with heaps if yummy food, all day long !! I felt very loved by my fantastic new team !!!!

1 min before I finished I went to sign off and a call came through, rahhh. So I finish at 1.45, the call was 1.44. Anyways at 2.27 I will STILL on the phone to the same woman ! I had to pick Hannah at 3 pm & I still had to catch the train & bus home, walk home & then drive to the school , in 30 mins, lol.

Got Tristans dad to get Hannah for me. Anyways I leave I get to the train station and I needed to top up my smart rider. It decides to get stuck in the machine!!!! 30 mins later, still no card. So the train lady gave me ticket, & I have to buy a new one, annoying.

So get home about 3.40 & go to get Hannah. But I needed petrol on the car, go past the petrol station & fill up. Go to pay, my card won't work !!! So I go use the ATM and withdraw cash, & the machine eats my card. By this time, Im getting pretty mad. But I knew I had another debit card in the car, I just needed to activate it.

So I used my iPhone to activate, & my phone is out if order and not in use !!!!!! So I ask the petrol station guy if I can use their phone, nope won't let me. Now he will not let me leave without paying. So I said well I can go get my daughter and activate this card at my Fil's ? Nope won't let me ! Finally he agreed, lol. For a whole $20.05!!!

So I get Hannah, do my card & go back there to pay the man. What an ordeal !!! Hahahaahaha.

Tonight we called the phone company 59 min wait on hold. They did it by accident to 3000 customers or some crap! Rah

Tomorrow nothing but a breakfast date with my husband & housework xxx

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